MYHEALTH Black Garlic


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MYHEALTH Black Garlic uses only the finest organic grown single clove garlic from the Himalayas. These garlic are very rare to harvest and is needed to be grown in a condition under which the seeds are cultivated that result in a single clove. This premium quality single clove garlic can only be developed in the Himalayas, due to the mountainous area, right temperature and the large amount of sunlight.Single clove garlic is very rare and is seven times stronger than the normal garlic. It has a higher nutrition content and less pungent in smell compared to multi­clove garlic. After the harvest, they are carefully processed, described as “fermentation”, ina controlled environment with the correct temperature and humidity for a period. During this process, no additives, no preservative is added, just pure garlic. It is during this process that the garlic clove turns black and developed to a sweet “prune like” taste. The lotus bud like structure of this Himalayan black garlic is known as the most potent garlic on earth. It has prominent level of amino acids, high concentration of sulfurous compounds and enzymes. It has an increasing antioxidant levels in the body, known to offer many health benefits.It potentially fights against free radicals. Free radicals may lead to heart disease, block arteries and cancer.


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