Nonative Moist Rich Treatment


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Repair damage from the inside out to give your hair a moist, soft texture.

Nonative Treatment Moist Rich permeates the hair immediately and repairs hair that has become dry and thin due to repeated dyeing or permanent treatments, from the inside out. Permeating repair ingredients moisturize the hair from the inside while preventing damage to give you moist, manageable hair.

Sodium dilauramidoglutamide lysine (hair-repairing ingredient) Phytosteryl/octyldodecyl lauroyl glutamate (hair-repairing ingredient) Hydrolyzed silk PG-propyl methylsilanediol crosspolymer (hair-repairing ingredient) Glycerylamidoethyl methacrylate/stearyl methacrylate copolymer (hair-repairing ingredient)


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