Lamellar Veil Ex

This skin care series provides essential phospholipids for the skin to achieve the Lamellar Beauty Care that conditions the stratum corneum.

“Faith Gelatin Collagen” with a blend of both hyaluronic acid and elastin hydrates and adds suppleness for moist and healthy skin.

We created "Faith Gelatin Collagen" to condition lamellar structures that have become corrupted.

It used nano capsules that have an ingredient that is similar to the skin’s phospholipids.

“Phospholipids” are present in your skin. Nano capsules are a product that was made with an ingredient that is similar to these phospholipids. These nano capsules penetrate the skin where they break down and replenish the phospholipids the skin has lost.

“Faith Gelatin Collagen”

Contains ” Faith Gelatin Collagen” that was jointly developed with L.V.M.C INC.5. The developers thought that wrapping gelatin collagen, said to be unable to penetrate the skin, around a nano capsule and enclosing hydrolyzed collagen in the capsules would enable skin penetration. Jointly developed “Faith Gelatin Collagen” moisturizes the skin from the outside and inside, conditions the lamellar structure and restores skin beauty.

FAITH achieved the Lamellar Beauty Care for conditioning the stratum corneum!


Corrupted lamellar structure. Becomes dehydrated and loses moisture, creating sensitive skin.


(1) Protects it from external stimulation.

(2) Hydrates to maintain soft, moist skin.

Triple blend of "Faith Gelatin Collagen", hyaluronic acid, and elastin!

The synergy of these three moisturizing ingredients that are essential for beautiful skin ensures plenty of moisture is infused into your skin.

Kat Sod Assay Compliant

We test ingredients using the Kat Sod Assay, which was developed by Professor Hajime Nishioka (1934 – 2014), who served as a professor emeritus at Doshisha University, and for which Professor Tomohiro Matsumoto of the Kyoto University Graduate School of Biostudies Radiation Biology Center is now responsible. This test method makes it possible to directly observe active oxygen generated by the test ingredients using genetically modified cells. Faith products use only ingredients that are shown by this test method to not generate active oxygen.

Uses ingredients that inhibit active oxygen production.

We should like to express our deep gratitude to the late Prof. Hajime Nishioka, professor emeritus at Doshisha University, for teaching us this method.