This series of additive-free scalp and hair care products from Faith, which has a track record of delivering skin results in esthetic salons, consists of shampoo products you can choose according to your specific situation to help create a healthy scalp along with damage-repairing treatment. let Faith help lead the way to moist, healthy hair, starting with your skin.

Give your scalp the same level of care as your skin

The ultimate cause of every hair concern can be found in an unstable scalp environment of the contemporary woman. Faith’s highly proprietary quality and manufacturing methods work on the hair-producing scalp to ensure the health of hair, which is the source of beauty.

Kat Sod Assay Compliant

We test ingredients using the Kat Sod Assay, which was developed by Professor Hajime Nishioka (1934 – 2014), who served as a professor emeritus at Doshisha University, and for which Professor Tomohiro Matsumoto of the Kyoto University Graduate School of Biostudies Radiation Biology Center is now responsible. This test method makes it possible to directly observe active oxygen generated by the test ingredients using genetically modified cells. Faith products use only ingredients that are shown by this test method to not generate active oxygen.

Uses ingredients that inhibit active oxygen production.

We should like to express our deep gratitude to the late Prof. Hajime Nishioka, professor emeritus at Doshisha University, for teaching us this method.