PP Persephone

Introducing the new PP Persephone Shimoxi Graphene series imported from Taiwan! We have decided to bring one of the best-selling products of 2021 from Taiwan!

Experience improved beauty wellness with our star product, PP Graphene Oomph Oomph Tights! Made with Graphene, a special material that is not only thin and light but also provides you with an all-round beauty experience! Put your body into ‘exercise mode,’ which increases blood circulation and metabolism rate! Minimize your efforts and achieve your weight loss goals!

What is Graphene?

Graphene is known to be the thinnest compound, the strongest and the best conductor of heat and electricity.

• A thin and light material
• Best Conductor
• Promotes circulation
• Longlasting effect

• Absorbed and Release Far Infrared rays
• Increase circulation and metabolism
• Allow movement while wearing

Heel Wearer

Made for Long Walk



Long Sitting

Long Standing