The Cosmetic Republic

The Cosmetic Republic was born in Barcelona in 2008, with the objective to produce unique high quality products, combining the best active ingredients with the latest research and development discoveries in hair care.

About Us

The Cosmetic Republic

The best way to maintain the well-being of hair is to use natural formulations and avoid chemically processed products. In that sense, we have developed a paraben & sulphate free product line that respects the scalp’s natural balance. Selecting the best raw materials and studying their potential, we extract their maximum benefit.

Our patented formulas go through a cold-pressed production process, making them more effective. At the same time, we enrich them with essential vitamins to ensure healthier and stronger-looking hair.

At The Cosmetic Republic, we keep innovating to offer the market unique hair solutions to balance hair’s everyday challenges. The devotion of our exceptional team is reflected in each one of our products. Listening to the needs of our customers, our team delivers unparalleled, cutting-edge, hair treatments.

Long-term Solutions

Triple Action Hair Laser Treatment

The best non-invasive hair treatment available on the market

The Hair Laser Treatment is a longterm solution recommended for cases of hair-loss and weak hair. It progressively improves hair health thanks to its triple action:

1. Revitalizes.
2. Enriches.
3. Strengthens.

It combines latest-generation laser technology with the Hair Booster Ampoules SAF100 PRO™ with hyaluronic acid and keratin microspheres for unbeatable results.

The exposure of follicles to a certain wavelength boosts the scalp’s blood circulation and increases the overall quality of the cells. The treatment allows them to develop, providing nutrients and vitamins that improve their health in the long term.

Immediate Solutions

Keratin Hair Fibers

The solution to cover baldness in seconds.

Natural, electrostatically charged, keratin micro fibers that bond with existing hairs to cover bald spots instantly. The final result is perfect and it can be easily washed off.


Root Concealer

The greatest solution for in-between colouring!

Root Concealer is a temporary solution to touch up roots and cover grey hair instantly.

Made with mineral pigments, it contains neither ammonia nor peroxides, which makes it more natural and respectful to the hair. It is not affected by sweat or rain; it allows brushing and remains until the next wash.

What makes it special?

It does not contain ammonia, nor peroxides. More natural and respectful with the hair.

Dry and silky finish equal to natural hair. Nobody will notice it.

Clean hair feeling. Designed to blend perfectly with the roots while absorbing oil.

Resistant to sweat, rain and humidity.

Ideal size for every day use.

Contains a mirror and a sponge, perfect to use.

Environmentally friendly. No more sprays!

Make more with less. This compact version contains approx 75 uses. It makes 3 times more than the spray version.

Daily Hair Care

Shampoos, Vitamins and Hair Masks

NO parabens, NO sulfates, NO aggressive ingredients.

Our Cosmeceutic  product line combines last generation microtechnology with cold pressing techniques to maintain the vitamins and restorative properties of its active ingredients. A more effective and delicate hair care product line.

Detox Wrap

The solution to bring hair back to life in 15 minutes.

The Detox Wrap has been specially designed to detoxify scalp and damaged hair from pollution and aggressive products such as dryers, irons and chemicals. Its embellishing properties improve hair health in just 15 minutes.

Its special concentrate gives life to the hair thanks to its formula rich in:

The Serum

The solution for healthier, thicker and younger looking hair.

The formula of The Serum is designed to enhance the health of the hair. Created with natural extracts and vitamins that intensively restore damaged hair, it nourishes and repairs hair fibers instantly.


Contains B3, B5, B6, C and E vitamins which provide a beneficial and protective effect for the scalp, strengthening the hair.

Where technology meets hair care.