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PP Graphene Mitochondrion Body Shaper




PP Graphene Mitochondrion Body Shaper
Enhanced vital energy on our 365 acupuncture points!

✅ 6D cutting design that creates a flattering silhouette
✅ Enhanced microcirculation
✅ Keeps your uterus warm and healthy
✅ Fast thermal actions in seconds

• Accelerates metabolism
• Double circulation
• Breathable material
• Energy release through Graphene + Mitochondrion

Material: 95% Nylon (Contains Graphene), 5% Elastic fibre
Size: Free (Waist line 23” – 38″)

Tips and Helpful Suggestions:
(1) Upon purchase, we advise washing before wearing it.
(2) You’re recommended to wear it for 8 hours a day.
(3) Accessories, such as watches and pointy rings might rip and damage the product.
(4) Body Shaper should be washed after each wear, do not leave overnight.
(5) Use only mild cleaning detergent or softeners.
(6) Limit to hand wash with cold water.
(7) After washing, adjust the shaperwear to its original shape, air it under shade and avoid direct sun exposure.
(8) Do not tumble dry, iron or dry clean.