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PP Graphene Silk Bed Cover Set


Exquisite Craftsmanship x Dream Choice

✅ The HSG graphene bedding set combined with technology silk film
✅ Allows for deeper penetration, reaching peripheral micro-vessels
✅ Increases far-infrared ray transmission speed by 20 times
✅ Enhances circulation power even further

▶️ Lighter
▶️ Faster
▶️ Warmer

Enabling simultaneous sleep and repair.
Quickly enter the “sleep” state

Suitable for:
✔ cold hands and feet
✔ sore hands and numb feet
✔ poor sleep quality

✔  Promote blood circulation
✔  Eliminate fatigue
✔  Calming nerves
✔  Improving sleep quality

The dual-purpose quilt lining is crafted from Austrian Lenzing 100% Tencel material

Each touch provides a luxurious feel to your skin.

[Top 4-piece set] Includes
▶️ Extra large bed package x1: 6×6.2 feet (180x186CM)
Height of covered mattress: 35±2CM
▶️ Double quilt (set) x1: 6×7 feet (180x210CM)
▶️ European style pressed frame pillow x2: 75×45 cm (+ pressed frame 5CM)