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PP Graphene Silk Panty 4pcs/set


Promote a Healthy Uterus with this technology!

1788 Pneumatic Graphene + Royal Silkworm Silk
Superconducting Circulation🔜Stimulate Abdominal Blood Circulation
Activate Meridian Acupoints🔜Balance the Gynecological System
Warm the Uterus and Dispel Cold🔜Improve Cold Constitution

Antimicrobial and odor absorber:
✅ Reduce Itching and Discomfort in the Genital Area

Excellent Elasticity:
✅ Wrap Around Waist 22~46, Providing Full Coverage

Three-dimensional Compression:
✅ Correct and Push Back Waist and Abdominal Fat

Thoughtful Protection❤️for Women’s Intimate Areas