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PP Persephone SMX Graphene Super Circulation Lumbar Supporter


The Exclusive HSG Graphene technology in this lumbar supporter releases far-infrared rays, promoting therapeutic benefits. It provides lumbar support and improves circulation in the area. Featuring a seamless, three-dimensional design, it offers excellent coverage and ensures comfort and stability during wear.

✅ Accelerates blood oxygen and circulation
✅ Warm acupuncture for lumbar acupoints
✅ Precise pain treatment

Multiple weaving techniques: internal circulation + external shaping
– Abdominal honeycomb pressure & waist and abdomen shaping line & lumbar support
– Can be worn directly against the skin, does not affect outer clothing, zero sense of restraint, easy to move
– Suitable for all body types, fits waist sizes 22-46

Specifically targets abdominal fat accumulation:
– Poor posture, anterior pelvic tilt
– Protruding and sagging stomach
– High visceral fat
– Love for starchy, high-oil, high-fat foods
– Decreased metabolism, increased waist fat