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Romance Chezreine Support Stockings




– 70 denier stocking with 7 degrees of pressure to assist lymph flow.
– Knitting method and yarn type are changed depending on where support is required. The abdomen is tightened, the bottom is gently enveloped. and the bikini line is well supported.
– Use high quality nylon 66 yarn.
– Material bearing the SEK mark is used, meaning that it is hygienic with an excellent antimicrobial and deodorizing effect.
– Shinick β has a strong antioxidant effect on blood flow and water within the body.
– Equipped with a sweat-absorbing, warmth-producing mechanism that uses far-infrared light (including bio friendly light) to keep you warm in winter. In summer it absorbs sweat to prevent dampness, making it comfortable to wear all year around.