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TCR Forever Color Wrap


Forever Color, wrap for dyed hair, extends the durability and shine of coloured hair in only 15 min. Use Forever Color for:Greater color durability

• More vibrant colors
• Prolonged effect, up to 4 times more
• Thermal wrap for a more effective treatment
• With argan, jojoba and coconut oils for more nourishment
• For hair dyed or with highlights
• Works in only 15 minutes
• No parabens or sulphates

With Forever Color wrap extend the durability and shine of dyed hair in only 15 minutes. Its formula, free of parabens and sulphates, contains natural oils of argan, jojoba and coconut. Its 20-amino-acid complex decreases the porosity of the hair, preventing color from vanishing quickly. Washing after washing color continues as radiant as freshly dyed and with a durability of up to 4 times more.

Each envelope contains a single dose that nourishes and revitalizes hair deeply from the root to the tips. The results are immediate and its effect lasts up to 2 weeks.