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TCR The Serum


The formula of The Serum is designed to enhance the health of the hair. Created with natural extracts and vitamins that intensively restore damaged hair, it nourishes and repairs hair fibers instantly.

The Serum contains B3, B5, B6, C and E vitamins which provide a beneficial and protective effect for the scalp, strengthening the hair. It also contains natural oils that nourish hair:
• Argan oil: regenerates and moisturizes the hair structure, protecting it against oxidation and aging.
• Rosehip oil: provides strength, resistance and moisture, and it detangles and facilitates hair brushing.
• Jojoba oil: dissolves dirt stuck on the hair (from hair products or atmospheric particles), provides moisture, movement and shine, revealing the natural color of the hair.
• Carrot oil: anti-aging effect thanks to its high content of A, C, E vitamins, beta-carotene and antioxidants. Stimulates hair growth, softens hair and improves scalp blood circulation. It is also a natural sunscreen. It prevents breakage and helps hair growing healthier.
• Avocado oil: stimulates hair growth. Nourishing effect capable of repairing the driest and most damaged hair. It also avoids frizz.