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PP Graphene Superconductor Insoles




PP Graphene Superconductor Insoles

Provides good support and cushioning to relieve foot pain.
Getting the right pair of insoles could transform how you feel every day!

Provides pure far-infrared radiation which allows the thermal energy to stimulate deep into the skin.

✅ Shock absorbing
✅ Improve foot pressure distribution
✅ Helps to prevent and alleviate heel, knee, back pain
✅ Promotes blood circulation
✅ Anti-Bacterial
✅ Breathable, reduce foot odours

Silicone, Graphene fabric

Men 24.5cm – 30cm | Women 20.5cm – 25.5cm

How to use:
Trim your new insole according to your size (if required), put the new insole into the shoe.

Laundry Care:
Gently knead and rinse through water, do not wash with any form of soap or detergent.