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PP Graphene Thermal Thermostat Function Waist Supporter



SUPPORT • RELIEVE • PROTECT your lower back every day!

Provides pure far-infrared radiation which allows the thermal energy to stimulate deep into the skin, allowing the user to experience noticeable heating performance in seconds!

✅ Enhancement of sciatic nerve regeneration
✅ Strengthen the lower back muscles
✅ Promotes blood circulation and relax the muscles
✅ Relieves cramps, back, and sore muscles
✅ Boost metabolism
✅ Sculpt your waistline
✅ Adjustable length according to waist circumference
✅ Washable and breathable material

Material: Polyester Fibre 80% (contains graphene), Nylon 10%, Elastic Fibre 10%

Elastic Belt: Polyester Fibre 70%, Elastic Fibre 30%


  1. If you are pregnant or a user who is dependent on a Pacemaker / Defibrillator/insulin supplement or transdermal drug delivery system, please consult your doctor or other qualified healthcare providers before using this product.
  2. Please do not wear to sleep.