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PP Graphene Technology Blindfold V3



In tune with the Earth’s magnetic frequency! Enhanced version with the Schumann low-frequency resonance!

Designed to stimulate acupressure points to improve blood circulation.

Feel the heat in seconds to quickly relieve weary eyes and stuffy noses!

Graphene provides pure far-infrared radiation, which stimulates the thermal energy deep into the skin, allowing the user to experience noticeable heating performance in just 5 seconds!

✅ Improved 3D contoured mask design
✅ Full coverage on eyes and nose
✅ Improve the quality of your sleep
✅ Increase blood circulation around your eyes

Material: Polyester Fibre (contains graphene) 70%, Nylon 30%
Size: Free

Laundry Care:
1. Hand wash at room temperature, use only gentle detergents.
2. Lay flat to dry in the shade, and avoid excessive exposure to the sun.
3. Do not tumble dry / do not hang to dry/do not dry clean / do not iron.