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PP Persephone SMX Graphene Silk Superconductive Quilt


PP Graphene Silk Superconductive Quilt
– Endorsed by Sam Tseng

Introducing the Graphene Silk Superconductive Quilt, specially designed for Singapore’s perennially warm climate. Three years in the making, this quilt is uniquely innovative, providing unparalleled comfort and functionality.

 Key Features:
– Experience a 360-degree cooling sensation with the heavenly silk surface.
– Stay cool and comfortable during scorching days with the silk surface.
– Maintain warmth and store heat during cold nights with air conditioning or rainy days with the plush fabric surface.

Combining two heavyweight materials to elevate your sleeping experience:
– Graphene, the king of superconductors.
– Technology silk membrane, the monarch of silk.

 Graphene Integration:
– Graphene ore embedded in fine yarns, enabling perpetual energy efficiency through pulse superconductivity.
– Utilizing advanced multidirectional weaving techniques, combining exclusive HSG graphene with technology silk membrane, amplifying far-infrared conductivity by 20 times.
– Employing NASA aerospace processes for rapid resonance impact, penetrating deep into microvessels beneath the skin.

 Superconductive Technology:
Harnessing the power of PP’s exclusive HSG graphene and technology silk membrane superconductive technology to enhance blood circulation, coupled with deep cellular repair, restoring the body to its optimal state.

 Silk Fiber Characteristics:
✅Fibrous porosity: retains temperature in the pores, forming a warm layer.
✅Skin-friendly: soft and comfortable material without allergies.
✅Moisturizing: prevents skin from drying and itching.

Crafted with a 4-layer aerospace process, setting new standards:
– Graphene silk superconductive layer for enhanced circulation.
– Graphene silk surface for upgraded skin-friendly sensation.
– Exclusive HSG graphene superconductive fabric significantly boosts graphene efficiency.
– Japanese velvet fabric infused with graphene for added softness.