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Sturgeon Pills


The high protein, low fat mineral component of sturgeon powder, along with the antioxidant (flavonoid) of medicinal beans, and lecithin and saponin of medicinal beans, are all beneficial for brain health. The isoflavone in soybeans is known as vegetable estrogen.

The medicinal ingredients of elm, licorice, lotus root, and atracty lodes help activate beneficial bacteria in the intestinal microorganisms, promoting digestive health.

This product contains a comprehensive mix of mineral components and nutrients such as high calcium, high protein, and chondroitin dietary fiber.

Active Ingredients:
Combination of finely powdered sturgeon (25%), medicinal beans (25%), Chinese lespedeza
(20%), Chinese yam (10%), elm (5%), licorice (5%), lotus root (5%), and atracty lodes (5%), which are mixed with sturgeon water soluble oil.

4g x 30bags

How to use:
For best results, take one sachet in the morning and one in the evening.