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PP Persephone SMX Graphene AquaBreath Tight BootCut


Endorsed by Fang Wen-Lin and Chien Pei-En

PP Graphene’s annual grand release, developed over 3 years, introduces the Shape-breaking Rhythm Pants in a new bootcut style, featuring 30% more pneumatic yarn for enhanced performance.
✅ Faster temperature regulation
✅ Better circulation
✅ Superior breathability

Regardless of your age, the Shape-breaking Rhythm Pants will give you the stunning figure of a 30-year-old.
– Super pneumatic yarn material ensures you stay cool and comfortable, even in Singapore’s hot weather.
– Top-quality graphene material enhances whole-body metabolic circulation
– New fashionable bootcut design
✅ Slims waist
✅ Lifts buttocks
✅ Flattens abdomen
✅ Creates the appearance of endlessly long legs

– Seamless design fits snugly without being tight
– Suitable for sizes S~2XL (fits waist sizes 22-46)
– Fashionable, sporty, and casual—perfect for any occasion